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Jul, 19, 2014 - Detcon1 Saturday: Kaffeeklatsch
Tony Daniel (editor, Baen)

Tony was suffering from allergies that hit him at the hotel (there was a lot of that going around) and finally broke down and took an antihistamine, which made him groggy. So it was a very low-key kaffeeklatsch. There were only three attendees, so conversation was laid-back and drifted from general topic to general topic.

However, this is the session I remember the best, because during it, I made my first-ever pitch to an editor. Go me! I stumbled through it, botched most of it, but managed to say enough to get two reactions from Tony. The first was a criticism of my basic premise, a hole Tony suggested I close. The second was the name of the slushreader I should address my submission to, once I finished my edit. He told me to mention him at Detcon1 on my query. At the end of the session, he asked me what I was going to do with my story. I'm going to close the hole (already have a few ideas,) finish my edits and submit Misrouted to Baen Books!