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Capricon was (as usual) a lot of fun.

This year's Literary/Writing track was particularly strong. There was frequently more than one panel I was interested in going to running at the same time.

The ego-boo for me was my reading on Sunday.

I read a "love" story from the upcoming "Unintended Consequences" collection to a trio of 12 and 13 year olds in the KookieKlatch session. The kids were strongly opposed to hearing a "love" story, until I mentioned that it had two witches trying to make people fall in love, then they were grudgingly willing to listen. In the end, it took an hour to read a story that normally takes about 20 minutes. We stopped to talk about who liked who, why Mother Nona made believe she had a limp, what a ferrule was, whether New York or Philadelphia was a classier city in 1780 (Boston wins, hands down. Ask any Bostonian) and a bunch more.

Another high point was meeting and chatting with Jonathan P Brazee. He had an excellent suggestion for a naming dilemma we're having when one of Carol's characters gets captured by terrorists. The problem is the character using a word to describe the enemy that's adequately derogatory for a captured GI to use, but not so offensive as to put our name next to Salmon Rushdie on the "must kill" list.