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The 2017 release of Penguicon was held from May 4 - May 6 at the Southfield Westin hotel.

As usual, this was a multi-faceted experience. Clif attended techie talks on robotics and Clif and Carol each hit business-of-writing talks on finding agents and promoting yourself and craft-of-writing talks about editing and killing your characters.

High points included:

  • reading a short story from You're Not From Around Here (to be released July, 2017) and selling a pre-release copy.
  • participating in a panel discussion about NanoWriMo.
  • participating in a couple panels on editing your work, including promoting Editomat.
  • delivering a talk about Linux command line tools (to promote Clif's new book from Packt Press - Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook
  • delivering a talk about taking a software package commercial.