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The ConClave science fiction convention was held at the Dearborn Doubletree/Hilton over the weekend of Oct 10 - Oct 12.

The Guest of Honor was Kelly McCullough . Kelly was visible throughout the con and participated on nine panels. Jody Harrow chaired the convention, Sue Stahl did the programming and Susan Harris and Patricia Altergott handled the con suite.

Everyone did a great job--We've seldom seen a convention run so smoothly, but special thanks go to Susan and Patricia for always having real food in the Con Suite. Maybe not a full meal's worth, but always something other than sugar or salt to tide us over until we got a real meal. There was plenty of sugary and salty snacks as well, and very tasty ones. (Where did that delicious pumpkin bread come from? Carol wants the recipe!)

Sue Stahl did programming for the first time and did a great job. If anything, the con was overprogrammed for its size, which led to some very lightly attended panels, but the audience that was there and the panelists had fun, and that's the important part.

'Clave is one of Clif's favorite conventions. He helped collate the program book the first time he attended a ConClave in 1977, and was on the con-com a few times in late seventies and eighties.

As usual, the high points of the convention were the personal contacts, getting time to catch up with old friends that we don't see as often as we used to and meeting new folks who may become friends.

One of the nice features of 'Clave is that it's never been huge. This year the convention had about two hundred people. That means you can spend time with your friends, and if you meet someone new, you can spend time with them as well.

We met several self-pubbing or small-press authors at the panels and parties and got to share information on costs, sales, promotion, etc. We even talked a bit about plots and characters at times.