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Those who have followed my researches into the creation of cookies, cookies that man has not seen before, will not be surprised at where my experiments led. Those who are most involved with these studies are usually the last to understand what they have unlocked.

It is rumored that the mad arab Abdul Alhazarad was encrypting a secret recipe for a true devil's food when he slipped into the realms from which none return.

I should have realized where my explorations would lead. Today I discovered Godiva's Fudge Brownie mix. (Avaialble in 6 packs at Costco.)

No longer content to traverse the paths that others have mapped out, I gave only casual heed to the instructions on the box.

A handful of pecans was inspiration, the handful of dark chocolate chips, a necessity of the moment. The instructions call for water, but the old ones live their undying death beneath the sea. Cthulu has no need for water. But chocolate silk. The mix cried for it and I had no will to do anything but comply.

I restrained myself with great effort. Instead of a half cup, I only put in a third. And then I added more mix until the cake-batter thick mass in the bowl was more akin to a cookie dough. Congealing, dark and lustrous, beckoning and promising of untold joys in it's dark, cloying mass.

The Liber Ivoris hints that opposites can enhance, so I added a bit of vanilla. Not too much, just a touch. But perhaps even a touch is too much.

Finally, the frying pan, set to 350 (F). With no recourse but to finish the experiment, I tasted the first one to leave the heat.

With that single taste, I knew I'd succeeded. But still, there lurks the need to delve further. More chocolate, perhaps even Dutch cocoa, or the heretical walnuts or hazlenut creamer in place of chocolate silk.

This weekend, I take this brainchild of mine to Confusion, and reveal my genius to the masses. No longer shall my researches be scorned!

For the love of God, Montressor, stop me before I...

The rest of the document is obscured with a dark brown stain resembling dried blood (but tasting of chocolate.)