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May, 01, 2016 - Penguicon Editomat Introduced
Sean Davis and I discussed techniques for self-editing your books.

This was the official release of checkIt under a new name: Editomat.

It's no longer a freebie I share with a few friends, it's now got a for-real website, paypal, documentation and everything.

Sean and I are in agreement that Editomat is not the last word in editing - the final judge is a human being. But he thinks Editomat is cool and likes how it highlights the things a human should look at.

That's the purpose for Editomat.

Proud as I am of the tool, and as much as I use it, it's not an AI (it comes close with some of its internal voting algorithms) and it's not going to replace a human for the final pass.

But Editomat points out the words, phrases and sentences you (and your editor) need to look at and make a human judgement call.