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The second Bard and Sigurd novel has survived a run through our critique group.

Being young men, Bard and Sigurd have appetites. They pay attention to food, so there is a fair amount of food mentioned in the book.

Their meals range from dried fish to banquets. Early in the story they visit a monastery and are honored with sweets.

I found a recipe for a Saxon style Apple Walnut cookie on the net and adopted it a bit.

1 cup dried apples 2 cups walnuts 2 tbs honey 4 eggs 2 tbs flour

Chop the apples and walnuts into small bits and mix in the eggs, honey and flour.

I put the whole mess into a food processor (I like the Chef's Rival chopper), and whirr until it looks reasonable.

Place the mixture on a greased baking pan in roughly 2-tablespoon clumps and bake for 15 min at 375 degrees (F).

The traditional recipe does not use flour. I think a little flour makes it hold together better.