These stories are primarily written by one or the other of us with lots of interaction with our partner. We develop our plots jointly, argue about characters, motivations and twists incessantly and write scenes for each other, while writing what are more-or-less our own stories. In the end, the stories are collaborations, with a bit of the primary author's voice showing through.

- Mar, 15, 2021 - News -
On March 3, Clif and Carol discussed how they collaborate at the Space Time Saloon, a skill-sharing session organized by the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County.

We talked about ways that we've collaborated, from simply editing each others work to passing a keyboard back and forth to tweak the galleys. We also talked about other authors we know and how they've collaborated, and had a lively discussion about how to handle it when the collaboration isn't going as well as you'd like.