C. Flynt was the writing team of Clif and Carol Flynt. Carol passed away in 2021, but Clif continues working on the stories they started together.

We write the kind of stories we like to read. Upbeat stories where the protagonist gets handed the sticky end of things but with cleverness and persistence manages to beat someone over the head with it. With luck, he or she grows a bit and maybe finds romance and happiness.

At least, until the next story. Life is boring (for a protagonist) when there are no problems.

We enjoy writing these, and hope you'll enjoy reading them.

May, 16, 2024 - News

Tori Gates interviewed me for the Brown Posey Press Show. We discussed why Bard and Sigurd are where and when they are, how I write, and just stuff about writing and conventions.

Jul, 02, 2023 - News

Seven Day Weekend has been released by Parsec Ink

My story Determination is included in the collection.

What could go wrong if you install self-modifying code and a need to optimize performance onto a Martian Rover?
You can buy it here.

Jan, 04, 2023 - News

The January, 2023 issue of Mystery Magazine has my short story Rules in it.

When two crime-family kids decide to pull their first solo heist, everything that can go wrong does.
You can buy it here.
Nov, 03, 2022 - News

_Promised Rewards_ took the Grand Prize in Dark Myth's Open Contract Challenge.

The paperback and ebook will be available on Amazon and Dark Myth's webstore early in 2023.

Aug, 04, 2022 - News

Mystery Magazine just purchased "Rules, " a humorous (I think) short story about a couple kids pulling their first job.

Mar, 15, 2021 - News
On March 3, Clif and Carol discussed how they collaborate at the Space Time Saloon, a skill-sharing session organized by the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County.

Oct, 01, 2019 - News
We've joined SFWA!

Our sales to Atthis Arts and UFO pushed us over the membership requirement. We're now officially, really, authors.

For a long-time SF convention fan, the bounce from "fan" to "pro" is pretty cool.

Nov, 21, 2018 - News
Unidentified Funny Objects is published.

It's available Here

There are a few reviews out there, but my favorite is from Fantistica Ficcion

For those who don't read Spanish, here's how Google translated the review:

Mar, 20, 2018 - News
As Told By
C.Flynt sold the short-short Tuff to Atthis Arts' upcoming anthology, As Told By Things.

You can buy the book from Amazon or directly from Atthis Arts.

Feb, 20, 2018 - News
You're Not
Our first collection of childrens stories has been released. You're Not From Around Here, Are you? contains three stories and three related craft projects.

You can buy a copy from Lulu.

Jan, 21, 2018 - News
Reviews of panels we hit at Confusion are available in the Blog.
Mar, 24, 2024 - News

Tori Gates, of the Brown Poesy Press Show interviewed several authors (including me) who attended the Cleveland Concoction for the Brown Posey Press Show. The authors discussed their writing, what they like about Cocoction and more.

Mar, 20, 2023 - News

Promised Rewards is being released on March 21!

It's easy to claim to be a hero.
What could possibly go wrong?
You can buy a physical book from MythMart.

Dec, 04, 2022 - News

Unidentified Funny Objects #9 is now available on Amazon and other fine booksellers.

Hieronymous Glyph, Alchemist at Law is in fine company in this collection when he tries to help an elf baker survive in the fast-rising bakery business.
You can buy it here.

Oct, 04, 2022 - News

I just sold "Cooking Up Trouble" to Unidentified Funny Objects #9.

This is the third Hieronymous Glyph short story they've purchased.

Mar, 01, 2022 - News
The February issue of Mystery Magazine includes our story Going to the Dogs.

You can buy a copy here.

You can read the favorable comments on the story here.

Jul, 01, 2020 - News
We sold another story to Unidentified Funny Objects.

Hieronymous Glyph returns to assist a client who is being tormented by banshees, buzzards and bosses.

We're sharing this issue with David Gerrold, Esther Friesner, Laura Resnick and a bunch of others.

The book is available here and now

Here is Tangent's review of the book (and our story).

May, 01, 2019 - News
5 Minutes at Hotel Stormcove is on the shelves.

Our story, Rider on the Storm is part of this anthology. It's available Here

It's not every day that a depressed biker helps a ghost who's lost her cat.


Jun, 07, 2018 - News
C. Flynt sold Contractual Obligations to the UFO #7 anthology.

The book will be released in the fall of 2018.

Mar, 06, 2018 - News
C.Flynt's story _Scaredy Cat_ took second place in the Mid-Michigan Prose & Writing Group contest!

_Scaredy Cat_ will be the final short story in _Unintended Consequences_ when it's released in April or May.

Feb, 19, 2018 - News
Clif & Carol participated at Penguicon 2018 in May.

Carol explained common grammar errors and how to avoid them to a full house on Sunday afternoon, when folks are usually trying to get home, not sit for a grammar talk.

Clif showed how to use Editomat to fine-tune dialog, provided an overview of Linux Virtual Machine options, and participated in the Writer's Block readings. He read Contractual Obligations. At that time, it was in the UFO #7 slush pile. A few weeks later it was accepted for publication.

Jul, 29, 2014 - News
First chapters of Misrouted and Promised Rewards are available under Novels.

Detcon was a lot of fun. It was our first con as budding authors instead of fans, so we attended different programming than we've done in the past. It was like finding a new world in our backyard.